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It’s All Begin…

Okay, let’s write about it.


I’ve been a bridezilla since January 2016, when my 5-years-relationship boyfriend and I decided to get married (hopefully) next year. If you wondering did he propose me in a fancy restaurant, or amazing beach with its wind and wave blowing my hair, or simple romantic dinner, or maybe a bouquet of flower with a ring on it, or crazily-imaginative he putted a ring in my wine or cake.

I am sorry but the answer is no. LOL. So it is a decision from both of us, in my apartment’s living room when the TV on and we’re chewing our cheap dinner. But still, I was so excited (and still). I have my own dream wedding, like every women have. Decent venue, beuatifully decorated with flowers, amazing laser-cut styrofoam as a wedding backdrop where we stand and smile for 2 hours, delicious food, good music, and so on. It should be my once in a lifetime experience having a big party with all my friends and families and hundred parent’s friends (whom I barely known, tho’). That’s my imagination in the very first place. I have no idea how complicated the preparation will be. So when you read this post, I’ve been suffering from a disease called bride-zilla for 3 months already.

BUT WELL, this disease brings me to this blog and I’ll share you whatever about my wedding preparation. It’s fun, it’s sad, it’s disappointing, it is exciting, it’s everything. And it really needs two to tango.

Here were my checklist to do for my wedding preparation, as you might continue read my blog, some checklist will be eliminated or added. This checklist is made in January 2016:

1. Venue: should accomodate 2000 persons/pax.

2. Decoration: Javanese modern touch.

3. Catering: following my brother’s wedding in 2014.

4. Music: same as no.3

5. Dress: kebaya and beskap.

6. Wedding organizer: same as no.3

7. Invitation: cheap but decent.

8. Souvenir: cheap but decent, usual souvenir like jar, or glass, etc

9. Photobooth

10.Video and Photography

There were A LOT THINGS TO DO, yes?




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